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Difference Between Real Drivers License and Fake Driver's License Which Applies to Passports and Other Documents

For driver’s license and any other document you buy on this website, the difference between the Real driving licence or Original driving licence and the fake driving license is mainly the registration. We print all our driver’s licenses on very high quality material. However, we always perform a registration first for the registered documents. The registration process is expensive. For the case of the driving license, During Registration, We pay officials who collaborate with us in the transport department to insert your records into the database. After the registration process is complete, we are given a legal driving license number to use in Registering your driving license. This process is similar when you purchase a passport or any other document from us. Therefore, When you contact us to buy original driving license, state clearly that you are buying a registered driving license and our service will give you the necessary information depending on the Country you are in. You can click on any of the following services to see what we do: “Driving License“, “Passport“, “Residence card” and “Visa Assistance

Privacy Policy For Registered Driving License And Other Documents:

It is important that you know what information you are allowed to release to our customer care clients and what you are not allowed to release. Note that non of our customer care clients is supposed to ask for a picture of your visa card or your credit card numbers. However, if you buy original driving license from us. Our service consultants should request from you the necessary personal information for the registration of your original driving license. You can be sure that this information does not get into the hands of unwanted third parties. Confidentiality in handling your information is a sustainability of our business. You can be sure that the information we get from you is not published online or leaked from our secure servers by any means. Just contact us and get your documents in record time.

Quality Control for Real Passports and Other Documents

The quality of our passports is legendary. When you buy a fake or registered passport from our company, you get a state of the art document. We upgrade our printers regularly to meet up with new passport technology and bio metric scans. Buy an EU passport from us and you will need to put in your information including photos of your finger prints to match up with bio metric scan technology. For the fake passport, you will be free to use a new name. However, we will advice that you should use your picture on the fake passports so that it looks like you.

The quality of printing fake passports with us also apply to all other documents. We are always at your service. Click here and read more about our passports.

Complete New Identity

We offer completely new identity packages. Our new identity package will require you to: Buy a birth certificate, buy a fake registered id card, buy a new passport, and a registered driver’s license. The costs of our complete identity packages come at a discount because having a few legal documents will make it easier for the other registered documents.

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We are experts in counterfeit bills. We specialize in the Euro and the Dollar bills. Our department of counterfeit notes print and distribute clean money with duplicate registered serial numbers. We print money on good plates and we equally assist with international transactions and SSD. We have regular clients for counterfeit money as well as referals.

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At Counterfeit License, we provide Death Certificates to people in need. We do this urgently such that the certificate of death can be used to make claims of bank transactions by the next of kin. The death certificate is equally a useful document in many cases and comes handy when need be. All you need to do is to contact us with the necessary information.